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The challenges of social media in our society

Join Laura Carapezza, digital marketing manager at Webadev, in an original seminar on the essential tools to boost your reputation on social media.

If anchoring your digital presence means creating a website or a specialised platform, this is only the tip of the iceberg. With the emergence of digitalization, social networks have become incredibly important when building your brand’s reputation. This might seem obvious, but what does being present on social media actually mean? What is the magic recipe to breaking through and converting  your followers into ambassadors?

This talk will show that all the ingredients are at hand, but that they are often used in the wrong order: create engaging publications, develop your universe, build your message, define your targets… In short, it’s a long way to go!

Today, users spend more than 3 hours a day on social networks, with Instagram at the top of the list. Faced with this fact, it is essential to define a mobile-friendly communication that is in line with the latest trends. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Tik-Tok, it’s up to you to master the skills to make the most of these platforms. Luckily Laura Carapezza is ar hand to teach us a thing or two.


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