Doing good

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Hey there, welcome to YUST where we’re committed to reducing our impact on this beautiful planet,
supporting our local community, and creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

We’re working hard to reduce the impact we and our industry have.
And are dedicated to continuously educate ourselves, our team and you our guests
on doing good and being more conscious.

Wanna know more about what we’re doing? Have a browse at the various initiatives
we’re currently working on below.


50% plant based

Did you know you can enjoy a fully vegan version of our experience menu?

YUST offers a plant based alternative for every dish in our experience menu. Even à la carte, whether it’s our weekly pasta or dessert, let yourself go, as most of our sauces and marinades are plant based so you’ll never be left hungry. And the meat lovers amongst you wouldn’t even notice…

Seasonal menu

In YUST Food outlets we work with a quarterly menu serving fresh, seasonal ingredients and wherever possible, from local suppliers.

Meaning that you can enjoy a tasty new menu every two to three months, and we do our best to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting food from far away places.

Seasonal produce is also fresher, tastier and more nutritious as it hasn’t travelled so far. The quicker it gets to your plate the better.




All about local

In each location we partner with local suppliers for everything from our cheese & meats, to locally brewed kombuchas and beers. Even the products in our shop and the teas you drink in our coffee corners, are either fully Belgian or from small local businesses.

This means in whichever YUST you find yourself, you’ll have a truly local experience, whilst simultaneously supporting our local communities.

Discover some of our amazing partners below.

  • BRON Kombucha
  • Brasserie C – local brewery in Liège
  • SOL wines – natural wine importer


  • Pastaman – for the freshest pastas
  • LièGin – clue’s in the name
  • NONA alcohol free spirits
  • Bjorns – organic, conscious and fully Belgian products for our shops
  • Teas from Cafe Couture & Tea Tower


Consumption based cosmetics

In each hotel room we have consumption-based toiletries, which means that you only use what you need. This reduces waste and helps us minimise our impact on the environment.

With an astonishing 200 million travel-size toiletries and 70 million hard soaps being wasted each year, it’s our responsibility to do our part.


Housekeeping & products

We all love the feeling of that daily hotel housekeeping right? But skipping a daily spruce during your stay actually helps us significantly save on valuable resources like water and electricity used for vacuuming and washing. So why not hang out that “do not disturb” sign during your stay, avoid the disturbance and help us reduce that footprint.

Besides the reduced housekeeping, 75% of the products used in our hotels currently carry an eco-label, and we’re working hard to make that closer to 100%.

Culture & local art

YUST is all about what’s local. We want you to have an authentic experience when you’re staying with us, whether it’s through the music you hear, or the events on the agenda.

Part of that mission is supporting young artists and giving them a platform to showcase their work. That’s why every two months we provide a free space for artists to exhibit their work or perform at our locations. So in each location, most of the art hanging on the walls is a temporary exhibition and is for sale.

YUST often even purchases a piece from each exhibition for future openings, so the artist’s network expands further than the city they’re currently exposing.


Other good things to know:

  • Our hotels have several electric charging parking spots, so you can charge-up whilst staying with us. They’re even powered by solar energy.
  • We’ve partnered with Too Good to Go, an app that helps reduce food waste by connecting our restaurant to people who want to grab our surplus food at a discounted price.
  • YUST owns a 500m2 storage unit where we collect and store vintage and second hand furniture. We collect items from home sales, skips and store closings to reuse in current and future concepts. Around 75% of the furniture in our communal spaces is second hand.

YUST x Dopper Wave

In 2020 YUST signed the Dopper Wave pledging to:

★ Ban single-use plastic water bottles from all its premises

★ Encourage our colleagues and visitors to drink from the tap whenever possible

★ Actively reminding everyone to always bring their own reusable bottle

And hopefully inspiring other organisations and you to join the Dopper Wave too… (hint hint)


With simple everyday actions we can help prevent large amounts of single-use plastic water bottles from entering our oceans.

That’s why we’ve also removed all minibars from the rooms and have installed refill stations in our hotel corridors. So that you’re encouraged to refill and re-use. 

CSR Policy Statement

The current policy statement outlines YUST’s general objectives and ambitions regarding its impact on the environment and societal and economic impact.


Poppy Mobility

We don’t have to tell you that transportation is a significant source of carbon emissions, which is why we’ve partnered with Poppy Mobility to offer our team and you, our guests, sustainable transportation options.

With Poppy, you can rent an electric car or scooter, at a discounted rate to explore the city without harming the environment.


Wanna travel fully eco through the city? Rent one of our bikes at reception.

Green Key

YUST is a Green Key certified accomodation. Meaning we’re part of a large network of sustainable and environmentally responsible locations within the tourism industry. The efforts you’ve read on this page are recognized by Green Key and will be regularly audited to ensure we remain conscious in our operations.

Discover more about Green Key, their programme and the various other certified sites around the world.


If you’re looking to connect with likeminded people, love discovering new food, art or music and enjoy inspiring talks & exhibitions. We may yust be what you’re looking for.