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Vernissage – Mr. AK

Aimé Junior, also known as AK. KABANGU TSHITE,

is a multidisciplinary artist from Liège and co-founder of the AKforlife Collective, which offers an alternative to sharing art and culture for the both small and bigger artists.

In this collection, you will find his illustration work on the city of Liege.

Like a hymn to his native land, this work is meant to be a celebration, highlighting the urban landscape of our Ardent city through a multitude of nervous, vibrant and colourful strokes.

This work was inspired in its form by the numerous sketches of the Liège architect and teacher Gérard Michel.

The digital medium raises the question of the inclusion of digital art on the artistic stage, as well as supporting the relevance of his work from the point of view of its contemporaneity.

Thus, he invites you on a journey into the heart of fire.

Discover his artistic perspective during the official vernissage on Monday, May 15.