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Finnisage: Annick Zinzen

In August YUST Art welcomes Antwerp born artist Annick Zinzen.
Join the free finnisage on Tuesday 31 August from 8pm.

After graduating from the Academy in Berchem, Annick started her studio in the HaantjesLei, close to YUST. She started with portraits, something she’s most passionate about, but recently has also started experimenting with more abstract works.

Most of Annick’s works are black and white/ grayscale, based on photography, but with her own impressions of the image. “What I paint comes from my hand, every painting is built up slowly, layer by layer. My studio is my second home, I try to be there as often as I can. Painting truly is my passion.”

After several exhibitions in Oostende, Amsterdam and Brussels, Annick now returns to Antwerp for an expo at YUST. Annick’s work will be on show at YUST until 7 September.

More about Annick: