yust a suite

☆ 2-person room 
☆ smart TV & lounge
☆ private fully equipped kitchen
☆ kingsize bed
☆ private bathroom

Not yust a regular suite

All suites come with a fully equipped kitchen and a cozy lounge area. So sit back, relax and live like a queen/king for a day or two.

Take advantage of the common facilities on the ground floor. Discover seasonal sharing plates in the restaurant, rent a (electric) bike, have a unique view of Antwerp from the rooftop or enjoy the fresh air in our vertical garden.

Whilst at YUST you also have the opportunity to attend one of our community events. A yoga session on a Tuesday or Thursday evening or a lavish Brunch on Sundays, the choice is yours!

yust what you need, yust here, yust around the corner, yust that tiny bit more than you expected, yust for you.

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+32 3 302 30 20


Coveliersstraat 6,
2600 Antwerp, Belgium