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Groove & Grapes

Join us on our rooftop for our midweek groove session!

Join us at our listening bar where DJs and artists will be spinning vinyl records for you to discover. Enjoy the music through headphones and let the beats do their thing. You might even take some of those groovy vinyls home! 🎧

Are you an artist seeking to buy or sell your vinyls? Contact us via events.antwerp@yust.com.

Calling all wine lovers! Get ready for an evening of wine tasting. When you find that perfect match, take advantage of our special clearance prices to bring home a bottle (or two) of your preferred picks. Don’t forget to bring a bag!

Thirsty or hungry for more? Order a glass of wine from our specially curated wine menu or grab a snack from our rooftop menu.

Come for the wine, stay for the vibes. See you on the rooftop!