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Ignite your Inner belief

Discover your inner-magician and explore key soft skills.
Discover a more magical you at one of our personal development workshops. Improve your skills in speaking, storytelling, communication and wellbeing at work. Proven to be 100% magical, it’s the least boring way to spend your training budget! Using a powerful combination of learning design facilitation and magic, our open workshop series helps you to discover new possibilities for yourself and helps you realise them.

This first workshop is focused on self-belief. Magicians say: “If you don’t believe in your magic no one will.” The same goes for people at work and in life. We boost self-belief so people start to believe in their superpowers.

Workshop Description
Do you feel like something is holding you back? Is a lack of confidence a barrier to reach your full potential at work? It all starts with your inner belief! Beliefs are not as fixed as we think they are. With the right mindset, you can redefine your beliefs and make your wishes come true. We want to help you achieve this!

Through a powerful combination of meaningful play, personal coaching, and hands-on activities. We share the science behind why we believe what we believe. Allowing you to understand how to unlock any limiting beliefs to create space for new learning, exploring our stretch zones and stepping into a growth mindset. We invite you to create a new belief and go home with a tangible plan to bring it to life! And of course, learn a magic trick or two!

Workshop objectives

Explore what it feels like to step out of your comfort zone and overcome fears
Understand limiting beliefs and how they’re formed
Discover the power of self-belief
Tap into internal dialogues and take charge
Discover your superpowers
Take control of realising your potential

Practical info
This workshop will be held in English together with two Magilitators (Magician, Facilitators): one Dutch-speaking and one English-speaking.
You’re welcome from 18:00 for a small bite and a drink and we’ll start the workshop at 18:30 the latest.

What are participants saying?
“The most impactful and transformative workshop that I have been a part of.” – Jay Pepera – Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Omnicom
“It was a super amazing session and I feel inspired” – Lucy Monie Hall – Developer at Idean
“Had a wonderful time at Abracademy’s latest workshop that uses magic to improve your public speaking and storytelling skills. Feel like I’m on my way to becoming the next Houdini.” – Rory Keddie – Creative Strategist at Fluxx
“It was wicked good. Would 100% recommend” – Sidd Vadgama – Developer at Idean