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Poetry by Sesa

An evening with Antwerp based spoken word poet, author and performer.

She gets inspired by both the little and the big events that cross her path daily. Sesa is mostly known for heartfelt, vulnerable and brutally honest introspection through poetry. Her superpower is spinning love, growth, acceptance and love of self out of heartbreak, insecurity and childhood trauma.

She is the author of poetry collections “The Thrill of Victory” (2016), “The Break Free” (2020) and the exercise guide “Rose Quartz” (2019). By sharing her poetry, Sesa hopes to create a community who feel less alone and can do the growing and healing together.

Sesa will be joined by artist Kirafiky.

Kirafiky is an emerging Cameroonian artist born in France. Student of Life, she’s willing to tell her story through her art. Musician, songwriter, composer, lyricist, she doesn’t want to limit herself and makes sure to make the most out of what life grants to her.

Join Sefora “Sesa” Sam, for an intimate evening of music & poetry followed by a book signing in our Lobby.