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Showcase: Florence

Having grown up in a musical family where her mother sang in a choir and her sister played the violin, Florence has been exposed to classical music at an early age.

At age three she started taking piano lessons where, due to her young age and the inability to read musical notes, she developed perfect pitch.

It was soon clear to her and her entourage that this wasn’t just an extra-curricular activity.

Florence started musical training with the Royal Schools of Music in London and took classes at the Jazz Studio in Antwerp.

As a teenager she toured around Europe for projects in which she played piano, sang back-up vocals and dabbled at songwriting.

She has composed several soundtracks for short films and is now, next to travelling the world modelling, back to writing songs for herself as well as others.

Florence has already been working on musical pieces with her band members (i.a. Patrick Deltenre, Frank Deruytter, ect…).