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Vernissage: Kathleen Steegmans

In October, YUST Art welcome Kathleen Steegmans.

Join us for the vernissage on 6 October from 7pm.


Kathleen feels a strong urge to harmonise and beautify the world she lives in. She does this by creating paintings and rich, multi-layered mixed media artworks.

In her work, she portrays women who want to seduce the viewer into getting to know them and their stories. Inviting them to self-reflect and explore the limitless possibilities of their minds. Asking to take time out of our busy lives, to reflect on something other than our daily existence.

Through the frequent use of gold and blue, both strong colours associated with spiritual and worldly qualities, these women ask to be seen. The bigger than life characters result in pieces that feel familiar and strange at the same time.

Kathleen was born in Hasselt. Since 2005 she lives and works in the South of Antwerp.