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Vernissage Marius Melissas

Marius Melissas is an artist born and currently working in Antwerp (1999). Having recently finished his MA at Elisava in design through new materials, he is now pursuing his artistic career. His practice focuses on the creation of regenerative artworks made with biological materials.

His most recent work, called Bio Pigments atelier, was a project resulting in an exhibition where he showcased works made with micro-algae pigments, creating ‘living paintings’ whose colors shift over time. Thanks to his background in climate sciences and interior architecture Marius, is able to combine scientific research and practical craft to expand and develop his artistic work. In his eyes, an artist’s creative development cannot go without a personal and innovative approach to the materials he employs, not endlessly sticking to “oil on canvas”. His first solo exhibition in September 2023 was the creative result of a whole year of research during his master’s degree and laid an essential foundation for future work.

Now, Marius Melissas is seeking to continue his work. He believes there is a lot of potential in his work, both as an individual artist as well as for art on a societal scale, especially in departing from traditional, often polluting materials to explore new ones.

Wanna meet the artist or learn more about his exhibition? Join us at the official vernissage on June 2, starting at 5PM.