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Vernissage & Talk: a world of ice & water

An evening with Christian Clauwers; Photographer, Global Traveler & Explorer.


From the North Pole to the jungle, the desert dunes to the Himalaya’s, the top of a volcano to the bottom of the ocean. No place on earth is unreachable.

Christian’s journeys as an adventurer and explorer have taken him to the polar extremes of our planet: from 78° North to 78° South. He’s already circled the globe three times and has explored over 114 countries across all 7 continents.

Driven by the challenges of climate change, plastic pollution, food shortage and the human disruption to our well-balanced yet vulnerable natural world, Christian searches for traces of the impact that the human race has on nature.

In all his expeditions, Christian investigates the relationship and conflict between nature and culture from a number of different angles.

During the vernissage, Christian will share his findings and experiences with you through his images and a Talk.