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Vernissage – Kaj Sennelöv

Kaj Sennelöv is a photographer, born and raised in Antwerp. Because of his Scandinavian roots, he spends a lot of time in Norwegian woods and the Swedish archipelago. This is where his appreciation for nature originates. His work has previously been published in National Geographic Viajes.

With his photography, he brings these inspiring landscapes closer to you. Imagine a flock of sheep on a small Scandinavian island, where time has stopped. Or maybe a sunset behind a Falu red house in a sun-soaked field.

However, when the pandemic restricted travelling, Kaj had to find those views closer to home. This led to his latest work, “Ando Verpia”. Ando Verpia is a unique view of his home city, Antwerp. Come admire the work and have a guess where it was taken from.

Join Kaj at his vernissage on Tuesday 17 May from 7PM. 
Admission is free but registration is required.