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On successful completion of every reservation, hotel guests will receive a reservation confirmation with their details and all booking information. Together with the present General Conditions, the House Rules and any further attachments, this reservation confirmation represents the agreement between the hotel guest and YUST Hotel Antwerp or Yust Housing Liège, hereafter referred to as “YUST”.


For hotel guests YUST offers the following accommodation options:

  • YUST a Bed: a dorm for eight with separate toilet and bathroom where you can reserve one or more beds.
  • YUST a Room: private room for two with own toilet and bathroom (18 m2)
  • YUST a Family Room: family room for four with own toilet and bathroom (28 m2)
  • YUST a Deluxe Room: Luxury private room for two with own toilet, bathroom and equipped kitchenette (35 m2).
  • YUST a Suite: Luxury private room for two with own toilet, bathroom and equipped kitchenette (50m2).

The following provisions are included in each accommodation option: reception, cleaning; towel and bed linen replacement; air conditioning; Wi-Fi; hairdryer; shared cooking and dining area; shared sitting area.

Certain dorms are exclusively accessible for women and are called female dorms. At reservation a clear distinction is made between female dorms and mixed dorms. If it becomes clear at the check in that a man has made a reservation in one of the female dorms, his reservation will be considered non-existent. In that case, YUST will not be due any refund or compensation to the hotel guest.

Hotel guests have free access to the communal parts of the premises, viz. the ground floor with sitting area, co-working space, coffee corner, the outdoor patio and the rooftop terrace.

Hotel guests have to keep to the House Rules when using the communal areas and facilities provided. Hotel guest will be charged immediately for misuse and in the event of excessive use of the facilities provided.


YUST has two price options, namely flexible and non-flexible.

  • Flexible price:
    • The full amount has to be paid at the latest one day before the scheduled arrival
    • Cancelling the accommodation without any compensation is possible up to 11:00 am one day before the scheduled arrival date (cf. Article 7).
  • Non-flexible price:
    • The full amount will be charged on reservation and has to be paid immediately.
    • In case of cancellation of the accommodation compensation of 100% of the total accommodation price is due (cf. Article 7).

If applicable, City Tax is added to the prices. The amount of this City tax depends on the number of individuals and the number of nights reserved.

The amount due by the hotel guest has to be paid through the online payment system provided by YUST.

The prices stated on the website are subject to change. Only the rates valid at the time of the reservation apply to the agreement between the hotel guest and YUST.


At the latest at the check in, YUST unilaterally allocates a room to the hotel guest within the selected accommodation option. Hotel guests cannot dispute this allocation.

YUST reserves the right to allocate a different room to a hotel guest before or during occupancy for operational reasons. Hotel guests cannot dispute this or demand any compensation from YUST.


Checking in is possible on the first occupancy day between 2:00 pm and 11:00 pm. In case of earlier arrival YUST cannot guarantee the availability of the room(s).

Checking out has to occur on the last occupancy day before 11:00 am. In case of late check-out compensation of 10.00 EUR per hour is due (with a maximum of three hours). From three hours after the scheduled check-out a full night’s accommodation will be charged.

If check-out takes place before the scheduled end date for the accommodation, YUST has the right to charge the total nights booked according to the price stated on the reservation confirmation.

We have a maximum period of 30 days a guest can stay in a dorm per 6 months.
After this, the guest has to leave YUST or needs to book a longstay loft in YUST.


At check-in one activated Key Card per person will be provided. On the hotel guest’s request one or more additional Key Cards can be made available on payment of 10.00 EUR per Key Card.

In case of loss, damage or non-return of the Key Card at check-out payment of 10.00 EUR will also be charged.


If a hotel guest opts for a flexible rate, he/she can cancel his/her accommodation without any compensation up to 11:00 am one day before his/her scheduled arrival date. In the event of untimely cancellation 100% of the total accommodation costs is due as compensation.

If the hotel guest opts for a non-flexible rate, in the event of cancellation of his/her accommodation compensation of 100% of the total accommodation costs is due.


Pets are not allowed.


Smoking is prohibited in the entire building, both in the communal areas and in the long stay units. If this rule is not followed, a smoking fee of 250,00 EUR will be charged immediately.


Without prejudice to the stipulations on the subject in the House Rules, hotel guests are allowed to receive visitors in the communal parts of the building.

Access to the hotel rooms and dorms for visitors of hotel guests is forbidden.


YUST provides a number of utilities to the hotel guest (water, electricity, heating, airco, WIFI).

Excessive use of these utilities will be charged to the hotel guest. Among others, the charging of electrical steps and bikes and the like, not provided by YUST, is prohibited.  Electrical bikes provided by YUST, can be charged in the foreseen electrical sockets. After explicit permission of YUST, the hotel guest can charge his own electrical bike or step as well in the foreseen sockets.


Hotel guests will inform YUST immediately if damage occurs or threatens to occur in the hotel rooms or the dorms. Hotel guests are liable for any nuisance and damage caused directly or indirectly by them personally or by their guests and/or visitors, except when the damage is the result of normal wear and tear.

For every inconvenience or damage caused by the hotel guest which gives rise to extra cleaning- or washing services an additional compensation of 100,00 EUR will be charged automatically. This without prejudice to the compensation due by the hotel guest for any reparation or replacement of damaged furniture curtains, decorations etc. or damage to the room or dorm itself.

Hotel guests are not allowed to make changes to the hotel room(s) or dorms or to make holes, use nails or screws in, or apply glue or tack etc. to the walls, floors or ceiling of the rooms or dorms.

YUST cannot be blamed for any contractual shortcoming if it was the result of force majeure situations for which YUST is not liable, such as (non-exhaustive) strikes, fire, public-sector actions, terrorist threat, government measures, etc.

If damage or loss occurs as a result of a liable shortcoming on the part of a YUST service provider, compensation for hotel guests’ damage or loss will be limited to the compensation YUST receives from the service provider involved.

In any case YUST liability is limited to the value of the agreement or compensation which will be paid to YUST by a third party or the insurance company as compensation for the damage or loss incurred.

For any damage to or loss of their items, hotel guests have to prove that it occurred in the residential unit and resulted from certain actions or omissions by YUST or YUST service providers. Except for when the hotel guest provides this proof, YUST or its assigned service provider is not liable for damage to items and individuals, loss or theft.

YUST is not liable for damage or loss for which hotel guests are insured or should have been insured.

Hotel guests are personally responsible for guests or visitors they allow access to the building. YUST cannot be held liable for damage or loss caused by these individuals, or for damage or nuisance caused by certain items hotel guests bring into the premises. Hotel guests are personally liable for any damage caused by their own (either or not unlawful) or their guests’ and visitors’ actions or negligence. The same goes for animals which hotel guests or their guests and visitors are responsible for. Every damage caused by the hotel guest will immediately be charged to him by YUST.

Without prejudice to the above YUST is liable for damage to or loss of items which hotel guests have entrusted to YUST for safekeeping against payment. Compensation of the damage or loss will, however, be limited to the market value of the item(s) concerned. YUST is not liable for the contents of the entrusted items. For example, the contents of a wallet will only be compensated if the hotel guest informed YUST in writing at the moment of handing over for safekeeping. YUST can never be held liable for items which were not handed in for safekeeping against payment.


In the context of cleaning as well as in case of an emergency, YUST will have access to the hotel rooms and dorms at all times, as well as for safety reasons or in case of a well-founded suspicion that a hotel guest is performing illegal practices or actions infringing the General Conditions and the House Rules.


Except in a case of force majeure, YUST offers the hotel guest alternative accommodation in the same town if it is not able to execute the agreement with the hotel guest. The associated costs are for the account of YUST, with explicit exclusion of any other compensation or costs.

In case of force majeure YUST has the right to suspend execution of the agreement without the hotel guest being able to demand any compensation from YUST.

Among other things, force majeure includes: strikes, fire, public-sector actions, government measures, terrorist threat, storm, flooding or water damage and general electricity, water, gas or internet disruption.


YUST drew up House Rules with regulations and directives to guarantee peaceful enjoyment for every hotel guest.

The House Rules are an integral part of this agreement. By signing this agreement the hotel guest declares to agree with the House Rules and undertakes to comply with the incorporated regulations and to behave with due diligence.


YUST has the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement and all included services for the account of the hotel guest in case of infringement of these General Conditions or the House Rules by the hotel guest. This without prior notice of default and without any compensation for the hotel guest.

Payment for the entire period will be due in full. In addition, YUST reserves the right to recover all direct and indirect damage resulting from infringement of the General Conditions or House Rules by the hotel guest.

In case of a termination of the agreement because of a breach of the provisions of the agreement or the House Rules by the hotel guest, YUST will have the right to blacklist the hotel guest and to refuse his future reservations. YUST will also have this right in case of a breach of the aforementioned provisions without a termination of the agreement.


YUST insures the premises for its full establishment value. This with an approved insurance company and for the entire duration of the agreement for at least the following risks: fire, flooding, storm, earthquake, water damage, explosions, electrical risks, etc.

The hotel guest is responsible for the insurance of his own personal belongings.


All taxes and rates, except the City tax that might be due to the involved  City, are for the account of YUST.


The reservation confirmation, the present General Conditions, the House Rules and any further attachments, contain the full agreement concluded between the parties. It replaces all previous negotiations and agreements.


YUST guarantees protection of the hotel guest’s personal details in accordance with the applicable directives and legislation.

When visiting the website of YUST, when making a reservation or concluding an agreement, personal data are being processed by YUST. The manner of processing, as well as the purposes and legal grounds are explained in YUST’s privacy statement that can be consulted at www.yust.com/legal


YUST may modify the General Conditions at any time. The General Conditions which apply at the time of reservation by the hotel guest are binding between the parties.

The House Rules may also undergo changes. If these changes occur during occupancy, YUST will inform the hotel guest by e-mail. The amendments to the House Rules will take effect immediately after notification to the hotel guest.

Any modification or supplement to the agreement between the hotel guest and YUST has to occur in writing.


This agreement is subject to Belgian law.

Any dispute between parties relating to the interpretation or execution of the present agreement will definitively be settled in Dutch before the courts of the province of Antwerp, Antwerp division.


In case of nullity or unenforceability of a stipulation in the present agreement, the parties undertake to replace this stipulation by a valid stipulation with an as equal as possible economic and legal effect.


Captions and headers occurring in this agreement are purely indicative and do not express the agreement of the parties. They will not be taken into account for interpretation of the stipulations in the present agreement.


The YUST team drew up a number of house rules to ensure that your residence and that of other guests in YUST runs a smooth course. We thank you for reading these rules attentively and thoroughly. For further information or enquiries you may address our employees at reception.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation!


By confirming your reservation you explicitly accept the House Rules and commit to comply with them and act with due diligence.


Reception is open every day from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. The employees present are at your disposal and will answer your questions and concerns as soon as possible.

Hotel guests may check in and out at the following times:

  • At the start day of their residence between 2:00 pm and 11:00 pm
  • At the end day of their residence up to 11:00 am.

Long-Stay tenants may check in and out at the following times:

  • At the start day of their residence from 5:00 pm.
  • At the end day of their residence up to 11:00 am.


Respect is a basic concept in YUST. Therefore we ask you to always treat your fellow guests as well as YUST employees with the required respect. Intimidation or violence is not tolerated.


Peaceful enjoyment in the daytime and a good night’s rest for all guests is a priority for YUST.

You have free access to the communal areas on the premises, including the patio and the fire pit on the ground floor and the rooftop terrace.

YUST highly recommends use of the facilities present in the communal areas. These facilities are, as it were, an extension of your private accommodation and serve as a meeting place for you and other guests.

We ask you to take into account a number of specific rules for each area to enable guests to use the communal areas as optimally and pleasantly as possible. The rules of usage are separately and clearly displayed in each area. These rules are part of the present House Rules and you and your guests have to meet them at all times.

In any case, we thank you for always leaving the communal areas clean and tidy. Otherwise YUST will charge you for the full cleaning and clearing costs. Also all costs of damage caused by you will be charged to you. Compensation comprises the full repair or clearing costs as estimated by an expert or contractor assigned by the parties, with a minimum flat fee for damage of 250.00 EUR.

Your guests and visitors are welcome in the YUST communal areas. To prevent nuisance as well as for fire-safety reasons we ask you to inform YUST reception beforehand that you want to organise a meeting with more than five external guests.

To prevent noise in the communal areas and nuisance in the rooms and residential units occupied by the other guests, access to the rooftop terrace and the shared kitchen is prohibited after 11:00 pm. Gatherings and music organised by tenants or hotel guests in the communal areas after 11:00 pm are also not allowed.


Smoking is prohibited throughout the building, in the communal areas as well as in the rooms and residential units. This prohibition also applies to electronic cigarettes. The use of fire or candles in the rooms and residential units as well as in the communal areas is also strictly forbidden. It is generally forbidden to bring flammable, explosive or hazardous liquids or products into the premises.

If you are caught smoking, using fire of candles or manipulating smoke detectors or inappropriately using fire extinguishers, compensation of 250 EUR will be charged immediately. This is also an infringement of the House Rules, on the grounds of which YUST in accordance with the General Conditions can unilaterally terminate the rental agreement with the Long-Stay tenant or the agreement with the Hotel guest.

In addition, the intentional or accidental activation of the fire alarm will give YUST immediately and automatically the right to charge a compensation of 1 000 EUR.


Bringing illegal substances, drugs and weapons into the premises is strictly forbidden and will give YUST the right in accordance with the General Conditions to immediately terminate unilaterally the rental agreement with the Long-Stay tenant and the agreement with the Hotel guest. In addition, YUST will inform the competent authorities.


YUST would like to welcome you in the lobby every day from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. The lobby is accessible to all Long-Stay tenants and Hotel guests and their guests. As regards inviting guests, YUST refers to the explanation under “Meetings and noise nuisance”.

Since for every guest the lobby has to be a space to relax and enjoy, we thank you for using it with respect for other guest keeping it clean and tidy and for correctly using the furniture provided.


During your stay you can use the YUST Wi-Fi network. Since the Wi-Fi network is accessible for all guests and visitors, we recommend you to install an antivirus program and firewall on all your devices.

It is strictly forbidden to visit pornographic or illegal websites, to infringe on intellectual property rights, or to disseminate confidential or sensitive information. In general, obviously any punishable offence is unacceptable.

To guarantee the quality of the Wi-Fi network it is not permitted to use or install private networks or routers.

YUST does anything required to guarantee the operation of and access to the Wi-Fi network at all times. However, (temporary) unavailability, due to technical or other disruptions, cannot be excluded. Use of the YUST Wi-Fi network occurs on your own responsibility. YUST is not liable for damage, loss or costs resulting from any unavailability of the Wi-Fi network.


Always carefully check that you have left nothing behind on leaving your room or when checking out,. Moreover, we request you emphatically not to not leave any valuable items.

Objects found in the rooms, residential units or communal areas in the building will be kept by YUST for three months after check-out. If you left or lost something you can contact the YUST reception with a description of the item lost during your stay as well as up to three months afterwards. If the item was found, YUST will try to return it to you safely. After the period of three months YUST becomes the owner of these objects.


The liability policy of YUST is extensively described in the General Conditions.


YUST offers a number of services. Depending on the service these are provided free of charge or charged monthly to the user.

Rules of usage and instructions for use are displayed in the communal areas in which particular services are offered. These rules are part of the present House Rules and you and your guests have to comply with them at all times.

If you use services offered by external parties – even if they are recommended by YUST– you have to meet the general conditions and/or usage

regulations of these external parties. Under no circumstances can YUST be held answerable vis-à-vis an external party or by the user.

Are included in the hotel rate:

  • Coffee, tea and water

In the lobby YUST offers Long-Stay tenants and Hotel guests coffee, tea and water free of charge. These drinks have to be consumed in the lobby. You cannot take them to the residential unit(s) or outside the premises.

  • Printer

Long-Stay tenants and Hotel guests may use a printer provided at reception level. The number of pages that can be printed is however limited.

  • Fitness room

 YUST has a fitness room at the disposal of the Long Stay tenants and Hotel guests.

The entering of the fitness room and the use of the gym equipment takes place under the responsibility of the user of the gym. YUST cannot be held liable for any physical or material damage.

Camera surveillance is present in the fitness room. Theft or damage will be charged to the user responsible.

  • Bringme 

Bringme boxes are provided in the YUST entry hall. Every Long-Stay tenant or Hotel guest can enter into free membership with Bringme.

Bringme’s general conditions and user regulations apply to this membership and use of the Bringme boxes. As a user you are Bringme’s only contract party and the only person responsible for correct use of the Bringme boxes. YUST cannot be held liable in any way for incorrect use, damage to the Bringme boxes or loss of letters or packages.

  • Waste room

There is a waste room accessible to Long-Stay tenants. In this room there are containers for non-recyclable waste, glass, cardboard, plastics and bottles, tins and drinking cartons. The Long-Stay tenant is personally responsible for managing and sorting his/her waste in the rented residential unit(s). He will personally take it to the waste room at regular times.

Are not included in the hotel rate:

  • Breakfast

Breakfast is served every day from 7:00 am to 10:30 am in the restaurant on the ground floor.

  • Washing machines / Laundromat

 Any Long-Stay tenant or Hotel guest can use the washing machines on payment. Use of the dryer is free of charge. Hotel guests can buy a coin at the reception desk. You have to use the washing machines and dryer correctly and use the products made available by YUST. YUST is not liable for damage to clothing as a result of incorrect use of the washing machine or the use of inappropriate washing products.

Any breakdown has to be reported to YUST immediately. Damages caused by abnormal use will be charged to the user.

  • Electrical bikes and city bikes

Electrical bikes and city bikes will be available against payment for Long-Stay tenants and Hotel guests. Every Long-Stay tenant and Hotel guest who makes use of this service commits to using the bike in a correct, normal way and with due care. During the use of the bike, the user is solely responsible for the theft of the bike, vandalism or damages. Directions given by YUST have to be followed strictly.

In case of loss or theft, the user is obliged to report this immediately – and at the latest 12 hours after the loss or theft – to YUST. The charger and other bike accessories also have to be submitted to YUST immediately. The user provides YUST with all necessary information in order to report this incident in detail to the local police. The residual value of the bike will be charged to the user – the Long-Stay tenant or Hotel guest. In the absence of timely reporting, the initial value of the bike will be charged to the user.

Every damage to the bike, whether or not caused by vandalism, has to be reported to YUST at the latest 12 hours after the discovery of the damage. Costs to repair damage and deterioration that does not result of the normal use of the bike will be charged to the user. If the bike, or one of the parts, suffers from technical damage due to abnormal use by the user or an abnormal cause during the use, the reparation costs will also be charged to the user. YUST will provide the user the technical report together with the quantification of damages.

  • Parking 

YUST has a number of daytime parking spaces which can be booked at the reception desk. Parking is only allowed after prior reservation and authorisation by YUST.

YUST is not responsible for theft, break-in into your car or any damage to your car.

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